Stress. La pandemia silente. Gestirelo stress con la Psicoterapia Cognitivo-Comportamentale


Who is immune from stress? The current society, our lifestyle, the pressures we undergo every day make us all, more or less, a bit stressed. Stress determines neurophysiological responses that, in the long term, but sometimes also in the short term, can lead to both psychological and physical problems. In the text, in addition to addressing and explaining the neurophysiology of stress and the psychological responses to this type of stimulus, ample space is given to how to cope with stress, especially through cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy.


Pensieri, emozioni e comportamenti. Introduzione alla Terapia Cognitivo-Comportamentale

Cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy currently appears to be one of the most reliable and effective methods for the treatment of numerous psychological problems. Scientifically validated and goal-oriented, it offers a range of benefits in the treatment of the most common psychological disorders. The book covers the basics of cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy and then goes into more detail about this type of therapy so that the reader has a clear picture of what can be achieved with this type of treatment.