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Patrizia Pietropaolo was born in Milan, where she initially studied and undertook a career in the human resources field. These professional experiences led her to become passionate about another subject, clinical psychology, thus deciding to start a new course of study that allowed her to successfully achieve the master’s degree in Clinical and Community Psychology.

Among the various approaches of Psychotherapy, following the Master’s Degree, she specialized in Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy, as an evidence-based approach, validated by numerous international scientific research and indicated by the National Institute for Care and Health Excellence, the World Health Organization and by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità as the treatment of choice for most psychological disorders.

Patrizia Pietropaolo fully embraces this approach considering psychological disorders as an obstacle for the full achievement of one’s individuality. With this aim, patient and therapist both take an active and collaborative role, centred on the here and now, oriented towards the goal, to solve in the short term the problem that prevents the person from reaching the maximum expression of his authentic and ideal self.

Particularly passionate about clinical practice on teenagers, adults, and couples, she has since specialized in and deepened various psychotherapeutic techniques, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Schema Therapy, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and Mindfulness.

Thanks to the help of these techniques, which complement the theoretical-practical assumptions of Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy, Dr. Pietropaolo is able to offer her patients a wide-ranging and integrated approach, useful for a practical and concrete resolution of their psychological disorders and discomforts.

She currently practices her profession online and lives between Vasto, Milan and the United States, where she continues to study and update the protocols of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Philadelphia, where such protocols were born, developed and disseminated worldwide.

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