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I was among the first psychotherapists in Italy to provide support, counselling, and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy remotely, starting to work online as soon as the development of the new technologies made it possible, over 10 years ago. Certainly, the development of these new technologies and applications as well as the improvement of data lines have made everything easy and within everyone’s reach.

I also work as a Life & Mental Coach, being able to provide consultancy even with a single interview.

I will help you to take all necessary steps to achieve the goals we have shared and that YOU have understood are important to you.

I will teach you to take your life in your own hands, making the right choices that will lead you to live life closer to your ideals that will finally make you serene, respecting yourself and those who are dear to you.

I will support you to improve the different areas of your life, whether it is your job, your family or your relationships, or your finances.

I will coach you to finally take care of yourself.

Together we will make it.


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