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Insomnia a commom problem

Referring to the cases I am following, I have found that one of the most frequently reported problems during this period concerns sleep: difficulty falling asleep, awakening during the night without being able to get back to sleep or, more simply, sleeping but waking up in the morning already tired and listless as if you hadn’t slept at all. (Continue reading)

The diet between psychology and nutrition

The quarantine imposed by the coronavirus emergency forced us to stay at home, to do maybe less physical activity, or even none, and made us rediscover, in many cases, the pleasure of being in the kitchen. (Continue reading)

Physical activity: how to find motivation and perseverance

Have you ever wondered how many, and what, positive effects you can trigger in the body even with a minimum of daily physical activity, such as a simple walk for example? (Continue reading)

 Why we hate who is different

To hate what is different, unfortunately, is a fairly common feeling which has different factors at its base.

Why is it important to know these factors? Because knowing them, leads to the understanding of the phenomenon, and provides useful tools to remedy it.

The first factor to take into account is fear.

The different scares us. (Continue reading)


The term burnout was born, in this use in 1974, thanks to the studies of psychologist Herbert Freudenberger who first, in his research, described this type of problem by studying the behaviors and emotions of volunteers working at a free clinic in New York. Currently burnout is defined as “emotional exhaustion syndrome caused by work” and in this synthetic definition we find condensed the essence of burnout… (Continue reading)

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